Thursday, December 5, 2013

Onion Story Makes Becky Laugh, Is Rewarded with Link on Personal Blog

MEMPHIS - Becky Heineke was as shocked as anyone to find herself linking to another writer's work, without any desire to comment on it.  "I don't often - or, er, ever, except for maybe a couple of times - outsource my blog entries," Heineke said, "but I also don't often run across things that I wish I had written.  That's the consequence of being so terribly exceptional at all things, always, ever...well, either that, or it's a control thing."

The Onion article that made her "laugh in a way that staved off weeping" is linked to below:


  1. "Thanks for sharing!" I admit I was forced to share it on facebook.

  2. :)

    (Apparently I can sum up all emotions about this post and the comments to it with one single emoticon. :))