Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's true.

I found this in a document utterly unrelated to the subject at hand.  I honestly do not recall the impetus for writing it.  But we all know it's true...

My friends only ever blogged about their children in what I (derisively) called The Super Mommy Way.  The Super Mommy Way was standardized and interchangeable for any child.

Our adorable [insert child’s name here] keeps Mommy and Daddy on the move!  [He/she] loves coloring and has a vocabulary that just keeps getting bigger!

I knew these people loved their children.  I knew these children were great kids.  I did not know what happened to the female brain during childbirth that made my highly intelligent mother friends uniformly write like they thought their readers had the same mental capacity as their toddlers. 

Even more concerning was what awaited when these kids were no longer toddlers.  When I was a high school freshman, “the internet” consisted of dial-up AOL, used for chat rooms and (if your teacher would allow it) easy research for English assignments.

My generation’s kids will walk into high school in an era where a simple search of their names might bring up pictures of them in diapers at two alongside their mothers' effervescent account of potty-training.

[He/she] was super-excited to flush for the first time all by [him/herself]!  What a big [boy/girl] our [child’s name] is now!


  1. hmmmm my friends never talked to me like that - they also never blogged about their children x)
    guess that is what all my lifes luck has been used up for *grml*

    Annie S.

    1. :)

      I realize that in posting this, I very well may have offended some of the people who inspired this, and if that is the case, then I apologize, because it was not my intention. I also know a whole lot of people who don't write about their kids this way.

      I also don't have kids, so if the day ever comes that I do, I may have greater insight into why this is a preferred method of conveying information.

      (But until then, I will continue to be unfairly judgmental about it!! :))

    2. don't worry, everyone has their little pesky side ;)

      like with me, that I would prefer any animal over any human every day - besides very few I care very much for, but even then - to be cruely honest - I might have a hard time choosing...
      and I am sure many who hear me about this feel offended - but that is how I role ;)

      Annie S

    3. Hey, I have nothing but respect for honesty!! :)