Sunday, August 3, 2014

Becky Falls Down; Decides to Express Anger at Earth and Man

There are two steps between my entryway and my laundry room, and this morning I tripped over one of them. 

Lying face-down on the floor, I debated getting up, but decided instead to roll on my back, look up at the ceiling for a while, and contemplate my life.

I wish that I had bookmarked it so I could give the author credit, but I read an interesting take on "first-world problems" a while back, the argument being the phrase itself was demeaning.  Yes, many of the problems that fall under this category are ridiculous, but, the author noted, just because you have a roof over your head and enough to eat doesn't mean your existence is automatically blissfully free of complications.

In the spirit of that, here are some really trivial things that have annoyed the hell out of me the past week:

1.  (Since we're talking about me falling down) doing my fucking laundry.  Pulling all the sheets off, matching up the damn socks, searching through my clothes to find the stupid dryer sheet - I fucking hate doing laundry.

There are no smiles at the grocery store. LIES, stock photo, LIES.
2.  Going to the grocery store.  I do this exactly once a week; I plan out my menu for the next seven days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), and I make one trip to the store.  And every week, I dread both the trip and the agony of deciding what the hell I'm going to eat.

3.  Making my lunch.  This shouldn't be hard because I already know what I'm having and everything is bought, but it doesn't make it any less irritating to do.  On Sunday night, I'll make my lunch for Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday night I'll make it for the rest of the week, just to get it over and done with.  But sometimes making three lunches at once takes all the willpower I have in my body.

4. Being empathetic all the damn time.  I had someone approach me at work last week and ask me for an autograph.  I've never in my life had a complete stranger approach me with a Sharpie before and it made my whole day, but then I didn't tell anyone because everyone I knew seemed to be having a shitty day that day.  What is even the point of having your shitty days on my awesome ones.

5.  Listening to people talk for the sake of talking.  I know - I know - when a person opens their mouth and they don't have any real thoughts, they're just going to talk until something comes out and oh my God, shut the fuck up. 

6.  Having people infringe on my personal space without permission.  I am an actual human being, as you are, and not just an object that exists for your amusement.  Two words:  personal bubble.

7.  Being judged for my decisions.  I make it a point to avoid judgment regarding the spectacularly idiotic behavior that the majority of the human race participates in.  Why?  Because what you're doing usually doesn't affect me.  So here's an idea:  if I'm doing something that has no effect on you, get the fuck over it.

8.  Being in that right-in-between stage with a tube of mascara where it gets the job done but it takes longer than usual but I don't want to buy another tube just yet, argh, horrible.

9.  Not being able to find the second Game of Thrones book at any bookstore or the library, so I'll probably have to check out the e-book and read it on my Kindle.  Dammit.

(And 10.  Knowing damn good and well that in a day or two, I'll look back on every item on this list and not care about a single one of them.  [Except maybe laundry and my lunch.])

This post was brought to you by the bruises on my shin and ankle, and by today's trip to the grocery store.  HAPPY SUNDAY!


  1. hahaha that reminded me of when the other week i was out in town to help a new colleague with the relocation ... and we were talking about pet peeves and we came across some to only look at eachother and say "pet peeve" ... like unpolite people in general and stuff ... so funny.

    I could add dozens of things to your list (and scratch the laundry thing, most of the time it doesn't bother me. I do grocery shopping whenever i need something or i feel like i need something - so it is gonna be almost every day of the week - besides sunday because they are closed)

    ahhh what a blog post.

    have a nice week
    Annie S

    1. :D Usually these things don't bother me so much, even though I hate them, but for some reason, falling flat on my face pushed me over the edge yesterday!! Some days, you've just got to let your annoyance show through... :)

    2. it depends pretty much on my mood and sensitivity - i am high sensitive, so i really hear, see, smell, feel pretty much everything.

      lucky you for not being annoyed most of the time - and how nice and accepting of you :)

      Annie S

    3. As a highly sensitive person myself, I know exactly where you're coming from. :)

      And trust me, it's taken years of conscientious practice on my part to be as mellow as I am...and even at that (as witnessed by this entry), I can't always keep the rest of the world out!!

    4. I have good and bad days ... and really bad days - then I really can't blend out anything. And I am "annoyed" shortly after I left the house. hating those days.

      not so good in practice I have to admit ... but at those "only" bad days I work on myself in being more aloof from all that is around me.


  2. I love you. Please call me the next time you need to express anger to Earth and Man. ;)

    1. Kathryn!! I think I might do just that. :) Miss you, my friend!!!

  3. I 100% agree with every one of these. Although personally I would have probably rubbed in my good day with an autograph to those having shitty ones!

    1. Hahaha, maybe I should have!! I think I may be overly sensitive sometimes...I'm guessing the same wouldn't have been true had it been me with the shitty day and someone else with the autograph. :D