Sunday, August 10, 2014

Excerpts from My Left-Handed Gratitude Journal

Last year I decided that I was going to start a gratitude journal, and I was going to write in it only using my left hand.  This idea came to me after reading a book that told me I would unlock enormous amounts of hidden creative potential if only I would stop using my right hand all the freaking time.

Unfortunately, the only thing more torturous than writing with my left hand was coming up with something I wanted to write a paragraph about in gratitude to every day, so the journal only lasted nine entries.

Here are some highlights:

11-09-2013:  "My ability to express myself in words.  What if I had been born before the advent of written language?!  Or even an era or culture of illiterate women?!!"

11-11-2013:  "That I didn't keel over dead today at work from apathy/boredom.  The fact that my body continues to push on and function is about the best I can come up with today."

11-14-2013:  "Do I have to be thankful for anything today?  Because I just accidentally poured my damn fish down the drain and I guess I'm thankful for all of the entertainment s/he provided before I carelessly killed it. :("

11-24-2013:  "I suppose I should give thanks for all the healthy routines in my life that I do keep up with."

Of all the journals I've written in over the years, ironically my gratitude journal was the saddest.


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    1. Holy time stamp! Sam, after I replied below I realized...I'm used to you having crazy time stamps from being on the other side of the world, but now you're in the same time zone...

  2. maybe you should start over and write it with your right hand ;)

    and "awww" for the fish... poor thing :(

  3. In fairness, pretty much every other journal I have ever written in has been overflowing with gratitude! (Perhaps I should have taken note of that and just saved myself the hassle from the beginning... :))