Monday, August 18, 2014

The (Infamous) Breakaway Quoteboard (It does exist!)

Back in college, exhibiting a personality trait that would later become a full-fledged neurosis, I used to keep a quoteboard of things said by my group of friends.  One of the first websites I ever built, in fact, was a digital archive of those quotes.  (I would link to it, but a couple of years ago the host company deleted it.  hashtag-screw-you-Bravenet)

I always felt that Breakaway also deserved a quoteboard, but aside from scrapping together a few notes here and there, it wasn't until this year - really this summer - that I started getting serious about recording the things the people around me said.

I call it the "Breakaway" quoteboard because most of the quotees are Breakaway runners, but the overwhelming majority of things said thus far were uttered at (of course!) the Slider Inn.  My morning-after-Slider ritual is to first drink huge quantities of water, and then second to open up the little notebook I keep in my purse and read what I chose to write down the night before.

About half of the time, what I wrote was idiotic and not funny.

But the other half goes on the quoteboard.

Full of in-jokes and things that couldn't possibly be amusing to anyone on the outside (not to mention unapologetically biased toward me, since the only real requirement for making it on the list is that I was there when it was said), I offer here, for the first time outside the small group who helped me start it, the ever-being-updated Breakaway Quoteboard.

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