Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Few times I've been 'round that track...

So my emotional landscape is rocky right now.

Wait.  No.  Stop.

So my emotional landscape should be rocky right now.  And at times it is...  But most of the time I can't take it seriously - like, the fact that I'm even going down the path of pain is ridiculous.  The whole thing is ridiculous.  It could be that I instinctively know something that I cerebrally do not.  Or it could be that I was simply more diligent with my emotional hygiene this time around.

What I haven't been diligent about is maintaining my running at the level that I've been accustomed to for the past four years.  The last time I went to the track workout was July 1.  Twenty-one weeks ago.  Five months ago.  (I can only blame six of those weeks on Tiki Tuesday over the summer.)  I didn't stop going for any reason.  I stopped going because I stopped going.

Today, all day, things were not ridiculous; things were rocky.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  So I went to the track workout.  In which it was was cold and difficult and not fun.  Perfect conditions, you see, for a track workout.  To quote Steve Carell on 60 Minutes a few weeks back, "It wasn't fun, but I enjoyed it."

I did not run fast, I did run well, and there were people who cared I showed up, and among wheezy chests sucking in cold air and layers of clothing slowly being shed between reps, I was not alone.

(This my shit.)

Picture yanked from here.


  1. not sure what to say: congrats on getting back to running? or darn you girl, how could you go running in the friggin cold???

    I bought myself a stepper and working on going on it every morning first thing, with weight gloves on my hands.

    best Annie

    1. Ha! I forgot how life-affirming it can be to run in the cold! There's this strange feeling of happiness that comes over me when I'm voluntarily doing something that the majority of humanity is actively avoiding. ;)

      And good for you!!! I'm glad and excited to hear you're working the stepper...awesome. :)