Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hear what I'm saying, and know what it means...

2014.  It was good.  I mean, it had its bumps, and certainly there were aspects of it that didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but overall, the major characters were good, the plot was good, it was good.  In the past, I’ve often greeted the new year as a chance to scrap it all and start over, but this year felt like something to build off of.

May your evening's activities leave you as rapturous as this stock photo.
A theme I return to over and over in my writing is the debate over what and how much to share, although by any measure my sharing has decreased dramatically over time.  There was an era when I wrote down damn near every thought in my head – now I waver over even entries such as this one, so nonspecific and detail-less they could be written by anyone.  (“I lived through 2014, guys, and it was fine!”)

If you know me well enough to have been there for my ups and downs this year then you know me too well to be getting updates on my life from the internet.  If you don’t know me that well then I can’t imagine you caring – nor should you! – about any of the mundane details I could list to quantify another year-that-was.

So instead of a wrap-up, how about a simple and heartfelt HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Bring it, 2015.


  1. Well, I wanted to write a heartfelt comment on this... but then there was the last passage... and it feels like a push into oblivion.

    So, then... Happy New Year to you and may you be able to build off of last year and walk on with your dreams and hopes.


    1. Thank you so much, and all the same to you!

      I certainly didn't mean anything negative (or insulting!) in that part of the entry, so I hope you didn't take it that way...only that I strongly value the people who live life alongside of me, and that I increasingly appreciate the act of simply living without the pressure of broadcasting it. :)

      Happy New Year!!

    2. to be honest that part " If you don’t know me that well then I can’t imagine you caring – nor should you!" really hit me, but then again that's just me and my care I mean
      You don't worry about it :)

      My wish for you always was, is, will be to be happy how your life goes - and I am happy it does as I read here.

      "See" you soon

    3. It's not a problem at all to care, and I very much appreciate that you do. :) In hindsight, I could have worded that better; I see now that I made a sweeping statement without thinking through the ramifications! I apologize for that, and thank you for your friendship. :) :) :)

    4. How could you suspect that someone would react on it the way I did. :( It is my fault.

      You are welcome my friend ;)
      Did you start into the new year on a good foot? Any resolutions you already broke?
      I came in only halfway good, being only halfassed with my resolutions. I call the year my "Year of Discipline". Last year had a name to and it kinda worked - it was the year of recovery and - tho on a rather low level - I made some recovering steps to build on in this year.


    5. I love the idea of naming your year! And I'm glad that you were successful (maybe not to the extent you wanted to be, but nonetheless!) in your year of recovery.

      I usually don't set resolutions because I don't like starting off the year thinking about all the things I think are wrong with me...but I do like thinking in general terms about what I was happy with in the year before and what I wasn't. I think I might steal your idea for this being a Year of Discipline. :)

      I chose to stay in on New Year's Eve, and this past weekend, I've been doing a lot of cleaning, getting things in order, running errands I'd been putting off, and I even left a party early last night because I wasn't in the mood to drink or socialize and rather than force it, I acknowledged that and just came home. I also did some writing yesterday that I was really happy with, so all in all, yes, definitely a positive start to 2015!

      Here's to both of us doing what is best for ourselves, and also to building off of last year!