Monday, April 6, 2015

Status update

Every Monday morning at work, I submit a status update, telling my successes of the week before and priorities for the week ahead.

In the spirit of corporate accountability, here is my

Personal Status Update for the Week of April 6

Highlights (last week):
Depiction of the author, were she a male stock photo model
Blogging:  One entry written but I couldn't post it.  The premise was promising - Cynthia Lennon's death and a man catcalling me on my lunch break melded into a psychological exploration of the meaning of life.  Then Lester Holt reported Cynthia's death on the nightly news without mentioning Yoko's name, and just trust me when I say that collapsed my argument.

Book-writing:  Last week I transferred about 4,000 more words from an earlier draft to my current working draft of The Breakaway Book (italicized to give it authority).  The time period I'm working on is late summer 2011, and HOW DID I LIVE THROUGH THAT.

Socializing:  Saw a friend I haven't seen in many years, (separately) spent Easter at a bar.

Running:  I'm too ashamed to write down my weekly mileage tally, but I did return to kettlebell class on Monday (cross-training).  It was Thursday before I regained full use of my arms.

Reading:  Slowly making my way through a book on quantum physics while simultaneously reading a mass market paperback that sold a trillion copies but is written worse than a bad Harry Potter fanfiction story.

Other:  Got a lot done at work, listened to a lot of Gwen Stefani.

Priorities (this week):

Blogging:  Come up with a blog entry that's actually publishable, even if it's a blog entry about coming up with a blog entry.  If possible, avoid hashtags.  (#meta  #youarereadingitrightnow)

Book-writing:  I'd like to smooth out the section on summer 2011 without getting too wrapped up in the emotion of reliving the drama.  ALSO, I'd like to smooth out the section on summer 2011 without thinking too much about how much more exciting my life was in summer 2011.

Socializing:  My specific goals this week are to not strike [xxx], to not talk to [xxx], and to drink beer with Molly.

Running:  Run more than one day this week, do kettlebell again, act like I'm contemplating going back to the track workout but put it off at least another week.

Reading:  Finish books mentioned above and start reading about the extinction of passenger pigeons.

Other:  Wear silver eye-shadow one day this week, learn how to trim my bonsai, renew domain for for another two years, write blog entry about "change" and "feeling old" after renewing said domain and then deem it unacceptable for publication.



  1. wow... *speechless* (for the second time this day O.O" )


  2. Awww I love that one of your goals was to drink beer with me!! I guess Thursday counts and definitely tomorrow!! - Molly

    1. :D Of all weeks that Wednesday didn't work out! But yes - tomorrow for sure!!!