Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Frustration: Man's least enjoyable learning tool

We are constantly bombarded with information, and we take it all in without acknowledging that most of the good advice we hear conflicts with other good advice.  

Love the way you are/do anything you can to make yourself better. Be happy every day because life is a gift/everyone struggles so it’s okay if you’re not happy every day. Focus on doing what you love/change your attitude, not what you’re doing. Silence is golden/make your voice heard. Never give up/let it go. Turn the other cheek/fight back. Feel superior to no one/be wiser than other people.  

We don’t have any cheerful, viral internet memes that acknowledge the truth is somewhere in the middle, and that the advice that works for one scenario might not be the advice to work for another scenario.

Niels Bohr (huh) was all over this: “It is the hallmark of any deep truth that its negation is also a deep truth.”

Yes, Niels Bohr. Sigh.