Friday, January 1, 2016

Ah, 2016. How do you do?

O ho! It is the new year. By the laws of the internet, I am required to mark this occasion (which, might I point out, happens at the exceedingly regular and predictable interval of once a year) as momentous. Yes, 2015 is now the year that was. I think I'm supposed to list a bunch of my accomplishments and express good will toward all of you or something, but I'm not going to because I don't have any accomplishments, and eh, just trust me when I say anyone who continues to read what I write here has my good will already.

Years 2010 through 2014 all had a defined theme for me. They exist as distinct chapters, if you will, in my memory. 2015, however, I predict will go down as a year I don't remember much, and I feel confident saying that because only one day after its departure, I sit here not remembering much.

My taste in movies remains unchanged since 1989.
According to my journal, I went to the movie theater three times in 2015 (Unbroken, Furious 7, and The Little Mermaid in IMAX - solid choices, Becky), and read 38 books ("not sure this was necessary" I scribbled next to Go Set a Watchman, and "enjoyable but fucked up" was how I described The Silkworm). Work was busy, but outside of work was not. I dropped down to once a week at Slider. Thursdays at Breakaway became so tame I don't think the newbies believe me anymore when I talk about "the old days." (For real, it's not the same, you guys.) All of the major dramas of the year were actually minor, and with that, 2015 wasn't bad. It just kinda...was.

I've been wondering if I was due a muted year, or if I brought it on myself by retreating a little, which I admittedly did. I didn't take any big risks last year. Instead, I relished in feeling secure about my ability to support myself, which was a feeling I hadn't had since 2009. But you know, 2009 was also the last time I had a year that felt muted, and perhaps that's not a coincidence...

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), I'm not very good at stirring things up for the sake of stirring things up. My specialty is latching on to whatever comes my way and making the most of it. And I don't have a goddamned clue - not the faintest inkling - what 2016 is going to bring.

But here's to not letting security stand in the way of fun.

Let's see what you got, 2016...