Saturday, January 16, 2016

More things that I've discarded

The tidying-up concluded last weekend. (I'm still waiting for the life-changing part to kick in.)

Goodbye to this shirt that my brother bought me when he spent a semester in Amsterdam, that I'm positive I was never brave enough to wear in public:

Goodbye to this reminder that I was an early adopter of the reality TV craze (this magnet = the most questionable thing I found):

Goodbye to this self-descriptive T-shirt that no longer self-describes me:

The back's even worse:

Goodbye to this reminder that I had a drinking life before the Slider Inn:

Goodbye to this scrap of paper where I wrote down quotes from a coworker, circa 2005:

Goodbye to that me! She was great while she lasted! She's probably a lot happier now that I've let her go, though. It couldn't have been good for her to stay shut up in my closets.

So now that we've got that out of the way... To reiterate, that life-changing stuff? Can happen any time now. I'm reading a book called Living With a Wild God by Barbara Ehrenreich that I'm not sure about yet, but that had a quote I liked:

"There are times when the world just gets too stale to generate new situations and you are left with reruns of what you've already experienced way too many times."

Oh my God, that was my life this week! Actually it's kinda been my life for the past few months...but it was seriously my life this past (shitty) week! And what is even the point of that.

Where is my instant spiritual reawakening that will fix everything in my life exactly when and how I want it to, huh?

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