Tuesday, January 19, 2016

There may be freezing rain after midnight tonight in Memphis...

I don't want any winter precipitation tonight. But meanwhile...back in seventh grade...

January 5, 1995

It's supposed to snow after midnight tonight. I really, really hope it does. And I really, really hope it sticks. And I really, really hope that school is cancelled tomorrow. It would be sooooo great if it was!

It was 10 degrees (windchill of -1) this morning and [girl I didn't like] comes to school in a short jumper, thin shirt, sandals, no socks, no hose, and a light jacket! She needs to get a life (or listen to the weather reports)! She thinks she looks cute but she really looks like an idiot! But other people do it, too! I just don't understand it!

January 6, 1995

No snow! Just rain, and lots of it. Dave Brown said that if the rain had been snow, we would have had fourteen inches! I sure wish we had, it would have been great! Dad came back from [a work trip to] Chicago today. He drove (at 3:15 a.m.) through major snow. There was three inches on his car!

We voted for class favorites today. Ashley and Nick won. I voted for Lauren and Nick even though Nick is a jerk. I didn't know who else to vote for.

January 19, 1995

Yesterday it rained four inches and both bridges [across the creek in our backyard] were taken downstream. Talk about a major inconvenience! I expected the little one to go but not the rope bridge! John's throwing a fit because he has to write some spelling words. Big deal! If he had gone through my hectic day with AIDS education and all! Like I haven't heard about AIDS before.

February 6, 1995

It snowed today!!! Not enough to get us out of school, but enough to play in. Yesterday a great blue heron pooped on me and John while we were jumping on the trampoline! YUCK!

February 14, 1995

It was Valentine's Day today! Me and John got donuts for breakfast.

In Science Joel jokingly asked if "I'd go with him." I said, "Yeah, right!" and he got shaken up. He said I was mean, but hey, look who's talking!


Wow, was I an angry child. And I'll bet Joel actually liked me, ha! Twenty-one years later, I may no longer get excited about the prospect of snow, but it remains that I still can't read men worth a damn.

More blasts from the past.


  1. I am not a fan of you posting dates and the grade level. It makes me feel old.