Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"We are unconsciously communicating lies."

With thanks to my friend Miles, who alerted me to this a couple of weeks ago, the video below resonated with me deeply, from selling out to text messaging. I thought long and hard about how to introduce it, but I think the minute-forty of truth speaks for itself.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It probably comes as no surprise that I struggle with saying no. If anything, it's my current disruption that has made me learn the value of it. I am an accommodating person by nature. I genuinely enjoy making people happy, I am a nurturer. But I am terrible about boundaries, acceptable: seeing your name and birthdate, and coming over to say happy birthday. Unacceptable: pretty much everything else I do.

    I can't believe I am 39 and just now learning how to say no and figure out who I am,

    That was a rambly and mildly pointless comment, I think I am just using your comment section as my own microblogging platform,

    1. Do so anytime! I mean it; there was a point at which this blog was more about other people's introspection in the comments than anything I wrote, and I always loved that.

      You're extremely hard on yourself (and by the way, that's the pot calling the kettle black). Being a nurturing person is a wonderful quality. It's only when nurturing others gets in the way of nurturing yourself that things can get out of balance. I think most people go their whole lives and don't even recognize this, much less do anything about it. I'm excited for you that you have a blank slate ahead of you! :)