Monday, July 25, 2016

Becky finally weighs in on the political climate, uses rhyme

I thought last week was way perverse,
But this week's start might yet be worse!
I'm not quite sure where I should look.
America, just what the fook?

That's really all I've got on politics. I'm going to happily vote for Hillary Clinton...and if Armageddon befalls us, I'll probably just throw away my television, begin a cash-only money diet, and start growing all of my own crops or something.

Actually, I might do that anyway. This "keeping up with everything" thing is overrated, man...


  1. oh boyyyyy.... please don't vote for that trash.

    on other notes: seems like your crazy people are here now, 5 days in a row with attacks. seems the heat is no good for some people. maybe that is why california has the most amok killings (as i heard)


    1. By "trash" I assume you mean He Who Must Not Be Named, and holy shit, NEVER. I am sorry for the chaos in Europe; there's a lot happening here, but I feel like the world itself has shrunk and craziness is spreading everywhere we look. Stay safe.

    2. I always said, I am pretty safe because I am don't like mass happenings - but that is not where the attacks were happening ... so it is all a bit of luck i guess.

      You stay safe, too.