Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tomato juice and flying

July 12:  "For some reason, on flights I always drink tomato juice. I never drink tomato juice at other times, maybe because it's too filling or there's too much sodium. I don't know. But I'm sitting here right now on my flight to Portland waiting for the beverage service to come around because, predictably, I'm looking for some tomato juice."

I wrote the above as I headed out for a work trip last month, simply noting the weirdness of it, and then LO AND BEHOLD, National Geographic came through with an explanation. Apparently noise level affects taste and cravings, and my weirdness about tomato juice is a weirdness shared by many other people (meaning it's not really a weirdness).

Image stolen from here.


  1. hahahah so funny ... I have the same thing going - mostly. Sometimes Orange Juice will do.

    Interesting how we all think we are so special and then we are all doing the same ;)


    1. So true!! I had no idea it was so common. And I didn't even think about orange juice! Maybe I'll try OJ on my next flight. :)

  2. Hah! My mother in law travels a lot for work, and she always gets tomato juice on flights! That is very interesting.

    - Meg