Thursday, September 29, 2016

On permanence

I did some minor redecorating in my apartment this week, and one of the things that came down was my Heath Ledger Sin Eater (aka, The Order) poster, which was one of the few pieces of wall art I bought specifically for this place when I moved in a decade ago.

I bought it back then because, oooooh, Heath. Less than two years later, it became oh, no...Heath. In the ensuing years, it transformed yet again - slowly, but unmistakably - from memorial to nostalgia to remoteness to irrelevance, a fate shared by many of my surroundings.

Present-day irrelevance isn't a bad thing. It in no way diminishes the meaning that was once there. It simply means that change was given the space to happen.

Carefully, I rolled the poster into a loose roll and added it to the collection that resides in one of my closets. It's a collection I treat reverently. I take it out from time to time and flip through it so I can appreciate it...but then it goes back in the closet. Once you hit closet status, you almost never make it back out to the wall.

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