Saturday, October 1, 2016


Here in Memphis, it sometimes feels like we plunge from the middle of summer straight into winter. But if fall has a month, it is the one that just began.

Though I'm more of a springtime person myself, I'm also an optimist, so here are a few reasons I'm looking forward to the month of October:
  • jackets being of use again
  • the smell of fires in fireplaces drifting through the neighborhood
  • hot tea on chilly mornings
  • Tour d'Esprit (which was this weekend!)
  • Poldark on Masterpiece
  • reading ghost stories around Halloween
  • Halloween
  • the crunch of leaves beneath your feet
  • the sound of wind through newly-bare branches
  • waking up at your normal time, but it's dark, so you feel like you've secretly got a jump on the rest of the world
  • cool, steady rains
  • runs that leave you feeling strong
  • houseplants coming back indoors
  • the quiet as lawnmowers are retired for the season
  • the sudden lack of humidity
  • pumpkins
  • long-sleeved T-shirts
  • the feel of change in the air
  • the way the sky looks on gray days
  • lighting candles in the evening
  • the sound of the last crickets, holding on
  • layered clothing
  • sleeping with the windows open
  • Rhodes Homecoming (no one goes on the off years, but we all reach out every year to ask each other anyway)
  • the musty warmth of turning on the heater for the first time
  • clear nights when you can see the stars
  • patio weather
  • spiderwebs
  • this line being true for the first time this year: "We are nearer to spring than we were in September."

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