Sunday, February 13, 2011

Becky Goes to See Justin Bieber: Never Say Never...and It's AWESOME.

Okay, look, this movie was little more than a slick advertising piece and I still think Justin Bieber is a punk-ass sixteen-year-old Selena-Gomez-perving helmet-headed twerp.

But by God that boy showed me a good time for two hours today and that's more than Ben Affleck's ever done for me.  Fuck you, Affleck.

Becky's Unsolicited Movie Review for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never:


(In the sense that he seems like an alright kid who's genuinely appreciative of his fans, friends, and family and has a decent work ethic.  Not that I "like" Justin Bieber because EWWWWW he's young and has creepy hair and sings like a girl.)

There is Bieber music on my iTunes now.  There.  It's been said.


  1. Pick a team, Bieber! You can't wear a Rangers jersey with a Giants hat! I assume he got to go to the World Series since he is Justin Bieber.

    Glad the movie was awesome :). Hope this kid keeps a head on his shoulders. Did you see any crying twelve year old girls at the theater?

  2. hahahaha i love it! Especially the fact its on your ipod.

    And, it seems he has had a haircut... its only half lame now, not totally lame.

    I really want to see this movie...

  3. Megan, alas I saw no actual tears. I did see quite a few Bieber T-shirts, though, and the girl next to me kept singing along and leaning over to her mom every five seconds to freak out. There was a little boy, maybe around 3, behind us whose parents annoyingly kept saying, "Look at Justin! See Justin! It's Justin!" Though, hilariously, the little boy would start singing sometimes too. :)

    Also, Snoop Dogg had a quick interview during the movie and if there was any doubt as to Christa and I being the only people of our generation in the theater, it was answered when we were the only people to laugh at his advice for Justin to drop the bangs and start growing out pigtails so "the ladies have something to play with."

    But anyway, yes, Christa and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even if Christa did tell the woman who gave us our 3D glasses that we were doing this for "research purposes only" in an attempt to diminish the level of our shame somewhat... :D

    Sam, you HAVE to see this movie!! You'll either love it or come out of it ready to throw things at me, and I can't figure out which is more likely. :D After reading your comment, I looked up his hair and you're right! It's slightly better now! He may grow up to be an actual man someday after all... :)

  4. I'm not sure how he made me like him but he did!

  5. I actually started liking him myself recently once I heard his story & all about his mom videotaped him from when he was a little kid. He is very talented, plus his Never Say Never song is actually pretty damn good. I have to admit I never thought a few months ago I would have ever typed those words either. I guess it was all the hype & putting him on sexy man lists in magazines. That was just so wrong & still is. But he is talented, I thought he did great on the Grammys.

  6. He is talented, and Never Say Never (among others) is a seriously catchy song. I know, I mocked him mercilessly not that long ago, but one 3D experience in a movie theater and I really started to feel for the kid! I definitely got the impression that neither he nor any of his handlers are under any delusion that this level of popularity can be maintained, which makes all their efforts to give back to the fans all the greater. That boy really does go out of his way to show his appreciation, and God knows I'm a sucker for someone who loves his fans. :)