Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Becky's Tips for Saving Money: Bar Etiquette

Are you at a bar?  Great!  Allow drunk people to buy your drinks.

It true; not even the hazy lull of intoxication can distract me from my paralyzing fear of spending money.  As Mad-Eye Moody said, "Constant vigilance!"

And while we're on the subject of alcohol (which we seem to be quite a bit over here), Megan pointed out over the weekend that a) I didn't do a Cheap Beer of the Month Club entry on the first Friday of the month and b) the first Friday of the month this month was April 1, and thus I passed up the best opportunity I will ever have IN MY ENTIRE LIFE to do an April Fool's Cheap Beer of the Month Club.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this for days...


  1. i always loved that as a female, it is very easy to get free drinks. any guy is willing to shell out money for a girl to drink if he thinks he can gander at her tatas for a moment or two.

    i realize i have no shame in saying this, but w/e. after all is said and done and im feeling good, i'll usually tell them im a lesbian. :D

  2. HAHA! That is fantastic. :D I've told a guy or two I was a lesbian...and that I was married...and that I have a hulking, jealous boyfriend who would pummel him...but I usually save those for declining a drink (a rare thing, but sometimes it has to be done). Really, I'm a mean and horrible person. I have been known to just outright demand "Are you buying my drink?" *while* in the process of rejecting. I also have been known to tell guys I couldn't possibly stoop so low, but yeah, I'll take the drink. Seriously, I'm awful. This also might explain why I'm perennially single... :)

  3. Really. I believe that you are a mean person, PG, because I am not a nice person and it takes one to know one.

  4. ^^^ HA!! Birds of a feather... :D

  5. hahaha - maybe I shall change my attitude.

    When I'm in a bar most of the times I don't even get approached by men coz I look at them like: Don't even try!

    So I always have to pay for drinks on my own... it's f-ing expensive ... ummm gonna think about all that

  6. Sasha, you should totally try to work this to your advantage! There are free drinks waiting for you! :D

  7. I will give it a try ... :) in this economical weird times it's good to safe on everything you can x)


  8. Darling! I never say no to anyone buying drinks!

    Pussy x