Sunday, April 24, 2011

Becky's Unsolicited Movie Reviews: Water for Elephants

For a movie starring two people I have little to no interest in... was riveting.

(I do have to say, though...I had not gotten around to reading the book beforehand, but purely in terms of how the movie was staged, it was Titanic with a lower budget and circus animals.  Oddly, this was less of a bad thing than I would have anticipated.) 


  1. I love,love,loved the book. But I guess I have to say I love the movie also based upon the boyfriend, LOL.

    I enjoyed it though. I was prepared for the worst.

  2. hmmm interesting review Becky. How many stars?

    There is a book?!

    I heard an australian interview with Reese the other day. The usual questions but.. when she asked "does it get annoying that the paps always seem to catch you working out?" Reese cracked it and hung up on her! Couldnt believe it...

  3. Well, that's two raving reviews for the book! sumi, my mom said it was fantastic, too (and, like all such cases, better than the movie).

    Sam, I'd give the movie 4 out of 5 stars, and I will report back should that rating change after reading the (apparently wonderful!) book. :)

    As for Reese...what the hell?! Personally, she was what kept this from being 5 stars for me. I thought she was miscast and kind of blah throughout.

  4. didn't manage to watch it yet - as many others too LOL - but from what I saw in the trailer I found Reese so boring that the only reason to watch it would be to see r-pattz in another role than edward.

    WTF?? she just hung up?? get a grip bitch

  5. "get a grip bitch" gave me my laugh of the morning. HA! Thanks, Sasha! ;D

  6. xD you welcome PG


  7. I have another thumbs up for the book. The author's notes in the back of the book were insightful - be sure and read them. Reese's character rides horses bareback fer crissake - she looks to weak and puny to do anything more than hold a diet coke.