Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Texts from Last Night

Well, it was technically two nights ago but I didn't post this yesterday on account of the tree.

So much win here...from misspelling "dumb" (twice) to the exciting use of punctuation to the second to last sentence, which has no English meaning that I'm aware of.

I average about four wrong numbers and two wrong texts a week.  Though the example above does not beat the woman who texted me repeatedly over the course of nine months about being pregnant with twins (she even texted me pictures of her babies when they were born and I had to be all like WOMAN, YOU *STILL* BE TEXTING THE WRONG PERSON, BITCH) but this is by far the best text of the week.

I figure there's someone in the city of Memphis who leads a very colorful life who has a phone number that's one digit off from mine.  If any other good texts and/or voicemail messages come my way in the near future, I'm totally posting them...


  1. What is Mr T doing texting you? FOOL! x

  2. Wow, what a complete nut. Sounds like a threat to me. hmmm. Luckily it was a wrong number.

  3. HAHA, Clarabel!! Maybe Mr. T saw my plug on ITV2 and decided to stalk me. :)

    Vanessa, what I don't understand is how this person could have gotten the wrong number. Why not just save the number from the calls s/he had been getting?! Then there would be no way it'd go to the wrong phone! Sometimes I text people back and let them know they've got the wrong number, but I thought it in this case it was probably wise to pretend like I never got this... (Well, aside from posting it on the internet...ha!!)

  4. I've never had a wrong number! Like EVER!

    Dude that is so funny that this lady text you for like nine months!

  5. This is awesome and i think it should become a weekly regular! I didnt even understand half that text!

    So, a few years ago i had this young 14 yo girl texting me in the middle of the night. After many back and forths telling her that i wasnt the person she was after i told her that my name was Sam and i was 23. She didnt beleive me and kept at it so i rang her. She then realised i wasnt the person she thought but then preceeded to ask if we could meet up. She thought my name was Sam, i was 23 and i was a BOY! No wonder these kids get themselves in trouble!! I couldnt beleive it!

  6. That is HILARIOUS! Why in the world would she not have believed you the first time?! But it's also a little scary she was trying to hook up with you (or the male version of you...HA!). Kids these days...

    If I keep getting good messages, I'll definitely try to make this a regular feature. What I love is when people leave me voicemail messages...my message CLEARLY says, "Hi, it's Becky..." and yet about half of these wrong numbers leave me a message anyway! People are idiots. :)

  7. Hahahaha! PRICELESS. Especially that lady pregnant with twins! (And even more so, your oh so subtle respons to her, HAHA!)

  8. I got another great one yesterday!!! I'll put it up next week. ;D