Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I've Found in Drawers: Royal Wedding Edition

Why I kept this...what year it's from...whether there was something elsewhere in the paper to give it some context...we will never know.

But today, as we celebrate my one-time celebrity boyfriend walking down the aisle with another, we can all be united in a common hope that Wills remembers to avoid cheese at the reception...


  1. Okay, this was my morning:

    4:19 - Sam texts me saying "OMG ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?!" And I'm all confused because why hasn't my alarm gone off? OH WAIT. The electricity is out. AGAIN.

    4:25 - Still panicking.

    4:30 - Call the power company. With all they're dealing with right now after the storms, I don't have high hopes they'll get to me any time soon. I lay in bed debating on whether I should just get in the car now and drive to my parents' house.

    5:09 - The electricity comes back! I turn on the TV and sit down AS the Archbishop of Canterbury says "Dearly Beloved..."

    6:25 - After the newly married couple arrives at Buckingham Palace, I go back to bed.

    7:30 - My mom calls to ask "OMG ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?!"

    And so it was that I miraculously saw the wedding itself but slept through the kiss on the balcony. And I still have to go around and finish resetting my clocks...

  2. huge LMAO effect here in your comments...
    there were only two things I was interested in > the wedding dress and the kiss (after all I saw half of the wedding tho I'm not a huge fan of royal weddings at all)

    BUT I have to say the swedish-couple looked wayyyyy more happy during the whole thing - sorry to say ... but Kate had her moments shining :) she looked beautiful, but it was strange that her sister wore a white dress too ( a really beautiful one )

    Hope you are safe and sound PG :*

  3. Proud of you for watching even some of it! I had to settle for NPR and, because there was no way I was going to get up to watch it. Not that I don't love Wills and Kate...I am just a zombie if my sleep is interrupted. Make that a cranky zombie.

    And I love your clipping!

  4. For once it was great timing for us. Wedding started at 8pm and coverage at 4pm so it was perfect! I'm sorry I woke u up and but I'm so glad u got to see some in the end!! I didn't cry at my own wedding but was a blubbering mess watching theirs!!

    On a different note, I got my new computer today- 2 weeks early!! Pity no internet in my new house for another few weeks!!!

  5. @Sam
    *yayyy* for the early computer
    *booooh* for the no-internet