Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheap Beer of the Month Club: This Blog's Least Consistent Regular Feature

Before this blog even existed, I was dreaming up the Cheap Beer of the Month Club.  'It will be so fantastic and catch on to a worldwide audience!' I told myself, when I was feeling particularly delusional.  'All I have to do is review one of the beers currently in my refrigerator [seeing as how all of my beers tend to be cheap] on the first Friday of the month!'

Well, it turns out that I lack the memory capacity to do a regular feature once a month, and so it is that the Cheap Beer of the Month Club is less "of the Month" and more "when Becky Remembers." 

I was right, though, on the point of its popularity:  the Cheap Beer of the Month Club is the only feature that anyone ever asks me about, and it actually has garnered me worldwide attention.  The Bud Light can I used for the inaugural month is currently on the first page of Google image results for Bud Light and thus accounts for (I'm not exaggerating) about 80% of the traffic to this blog.

So even though it's Monday morning and not Friday afternoon, what the hell?  Better a few days late than not at all...


Gas station or grocery store?  What's that?  It's in a bottle and not a can?  Fuck yes.  You buy this shit at Kroger, not Shell.

Price:  $4.81 for a six pack, or about $0.80 a bottle.

Swill quality:  This stuff is barely drinkable and last month I admitted to drinking Natty Light.

Packaging/label:  The deceptively classy green bottle, combined with a modern, graphically-strong label, deludes the drinker into believing what they're buying is a solid beer - something more than just lime-flavored water.  For this, I bow down to the marketing department.  Ye hath fooled me, oh wise ones. 

Shame factor:  Let's face it.  You are drinking a beer that will make you look like a girl whether or not you actually are one. 

Overall:  I've had worse.  But most of what I've had is better.  But it's only 100 calories per beer.  But that's only impressive until you realize that there are tons of beers out there with fewer than 100 calories, including regular old Miller Light.  So I'd drink it, but only because I'll drink anything.

(N.B. Miller Chill should not be confused with the infinitely more drinkable - but slightly more expensive - Bud Light Lime.)


  1. This one looks cute, it give it a burl.

    The thing that disturbs me the most is the price. Holy cheap batman!!!!! To put it in perspective a regular coke from mcdonalds here would cost me nearly $3US

    If beer was that cheap here we would be a country full of true blue alcoholics!!!

  2. It is SERIOUSLY CHEAP! And it tastes like it. It tastes pretty much like water...but for real, we have tons of beer here that's around that price! (Although I guess the argument could be made that we *are* a country of alcoholics. HA!) You bring up a good point about soft drinks. I should look into this and see what the difference in price is here. I never drink Coke so I'm kind of out of it when it comes to comparison, but I'll bet a Coke at McDonald's here would cost a lot more than $0.81 too...

  3. wow - that looks more like really cheap (I mean really cheap) wine like Ripple or Boone's Farm, or Thunderbird with a bottle and label like that. I am kind of suspicious that they call it beer at all. Maybe like process cheese food, it should be called process beer-like drink.

  4. ^^^ Such a good call!! Also, maybe when I've exhausted the cheap beer list (assuming, of course, that I continue blogging for the next rest-of-my-life), I should move on to cheap wine. Of all the alcohols out there, wine ranks lowest in terms of my knowledge and appreciation... #saysthegirlwhodrinksNattyLight

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