Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lady Taylor Swift Will Not Stop Singing About that Dishonorable Rapscallion, Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal

Oh boy, oh boy, this Taylor Swift.  She is just a classy dame looking for a gentleman of means to provide her with the happily-ever-after that she deserves and Jake Gyllenhaal did not do that for her!  The scamp!
Happier times.

As reported earlier this month, one song (and video) from Ms. Swift's newest sound recording, "Red," seemed to be directed toward the disreputable Mr. Gyllenhaal, with whom she is never ever getting back together.  Like, ever!

"Never again," Ms. Swift seemed to be saying, "shall we formally enter an arrangement of romantic involvement!  Please accept with humility the return of my affections!"

Cutting as such remarks were, they did not spell the end of Ms. Swift's exploration via song of her feelings toward Mr. Gyllenhaal.  A scintillating exposé in The Daily Mail has revealed what Leslie told all of us in the comments three weeks agoThe entire album is about Jake.  For reals, by the time you have listened to "Red" start to finish, you, too, will know what it is to spend three months of your life thinking Master Jacob is The One.

It was a terrible, terrible thing that young Taylor was made to go through, having to date this man and all that kind of business!

For your listening, er, pleasure, find below a sampling of songs about the awful J. Benjamin Gyllenhaal, who was the worst boyfriend ever because he huffed Ms. Swift's scarf fabric.

For shame, Master Jake.  FOR SHAME.

(This one isn't mentioned in the article, but YOU BE THE JUDGE, YES?)

Thank you to Leslie for the link and the prescience. Thank you to Beej for staying on top of Tay-Tay's lyrical prowess.


  1. God, I fucking HATE her. There really isn't anything else I can say that would sum it up concisely.

  2. Wow. Almost not at all obsessive.

  3. I, er, feel a little bad for her…because I feel like perhaps she simply went through an extremely stereotypical experience (wherein she was way more into this than he was) and now she’s fixating on all these little details that most girls either rant to their friends or their journals about and then move on from. I can see how her honesty would be appealing to a younger demographic (I think most of us had a similar experience at some point in our lives), but I don’t like the message this sends: that it’s okay for one’s sense of self-worth to be so wrapped up in another person that short, shallow relationships can derail you.

    The fun (and triumph!) of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been somewhat lost with this new knowledge that that song didn’t represent her true feelings about the situation.

    I also can’t get over the parts about being up in Jake’s “room.” For Christ’s sake, he’s a 31-year-old millionaire. Why the fuck is this guy still living with sister and mother?! Man up, Jake.

    (I thought there would be more discussion of this! Maybe I’ve reached the saturation point for Jake posts for the moment, ha! :D)

    1. I am soooo busy, there is no place for Tay-Jay or Jay-Tay ;)

      No seriously, I fall asleep in the metro after work ... *zzzZZZ* Which means I fight hard to stay awake with some facebook-gaming till it is bed time *zzzZZZZZ*

      And your comment about summed my feelings on this up. I can relate in a certain way - you know: been there done that and finally bought a t-shirt - it only took me 10 years after I've last seen him. o.O
      That's what love can do to you, derail you.

      And yep, the triump of "Never, ever" is gone...completely.

      Well, I guess "room" fits better than "appartment" into the rythm *ggg* Sure hoping it is about not having a house in every corner of the USA only for the sake of it.

      Annie Sasha

    2. Oh, I totally feel bad for anyone going through something like that (or, well almost anyone). I was mostly refering to the act of putting in down on a record and release it to the world for everyone to spectate ones failed relationship and disect ones innermost feelings about said failed relationship. Just keep a private journal, woman!

      What bothers me is the lack of integrity of the whole thing. I know that if I was hurt the way I assume she is/was hurting (I have to admit I haven't actually listened to the songs, I just read the text bit about the album and base my condemnation on that), I'd feel even more humiliated if the whole world knew - including the person who'd done the hurting - knew all about my pain and hurt. It'd make it degrading even not being able to at least put up an air of "you did not break me". But on the other hand I did not make a fortune out of my heartbreakes at the age of 19 or whatever so what do I know?

      Regarding the whole "room"-thing I just figured it was a way to make it relatable to the demographic. I suspect 12 year olds wouldn't be able to relate to going to a guy's own house/apartment - being in a guy's room is probably as huge as it gets. But if that is to be taken at face value, and it is in fact his ROOM, I totally agree - man up!

  4. Part 1 of 2

    "I also can’t get over the parts about being up in Jake’s “room.” For Christ’s sake, he’s a 31-year-old millionaire. Why the fuck is this guy still living with sister and mother?! Man up, Jake."

    Uhhh, did you not consider that she's making this up? This is Taylor Swift writing this song . . not Jake giving facts about what happened. I have a hard time believing that he made her feel all of this. What I truly believe happened in actuality is that she went waaaay overboard in her feelings for Jake . . he never felt nor did he encourage her to feel this way . . and when he realized she was getting much to clingy, decided to break it off . . and now SHE is blaming HIM for how SHE felt. I mean, c'mon . . they had some "dates" over a month and a half -- do you really believe that he told her he loved her? I highly doubt that. If he did, maybe it was in response to her saying it first which probably (and most likely) started him thinking she is a freak.

    I also think she's embellishing for the sake of making money. From what is being reported, he supposedly broke up with her "over the phone." Hold up a minute . . wasn't it also Joe Jonas who did that with her - on the phone? I believe I read in an interview with Jake that he likes to use FaceTime (Apple's application) to talk with his friends and family. If he did break it off "over the phone" I'd be more likely to believe he did it using this forum - which would sort of be face-to-face. Either way, he did then make the trip to her in Nashville to speak with her in person. He at least made the effort.

    Chances are, this was a typical short-lived hook up. At least for Jake, he's an adult and this kind of stuff happens . . I'm sure he's used to it. Taylor, on the other hand, is not used to the come-and-go thing that can happen sometimes (sorry, but when people become adults you sometimes go through these "casual" relationships). They're not one night stands, yet they're not really full blown relationships. I'm sure she saw her proverbial knight in shining armor and got in over her head way too early.

  5. Part 2 of 2

    I've been in this type of situation before, sure. But I NEVER reacted the way she has done . . not even to my girlfriends. Yeah, it was heartbreaking . . but you learn from these sorts of things and you move on. However, in TS's case . . she needs to make $$ and I'm sure her life is a series of non-real life situations. At least not as real as everyday folks like you and me. So, when shit happens to her she has no tools to deal with it. Unfortunately, she will forever be growing up in a non-natural world and will never (I'm sure) be a "normal" person . . like, ever. (pun intended)

    The person I really feel bad for is Jake. I mean, here he was trying to move on from Reese. He picked a girl he probably thought looked cute and by all reports was at least a seemingly decent person. I'd be willing to bet his niece Ramona might have even been a fan and maybe that's how he first came to know about her . . but we will never know. He reached out to meet her and now he has to deal with a freaking psychopath who can not deal with reality in a mature fashion. I'd be mortified -- especially if he really went into it with the best intentions and then tried his hardest to let her down as best he could. Even she refers to this in her lyrics . . something about "in the name of honesty" or something along those lines. She doesn't even see it right in front of her -- all she sees is that he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Well you know what . . . that's HER fault. Your feelings are your own and you must deal with them <--- something I hope she learns quickly.

    And yes, I completely agree with you. I do not like that she's putting out the message that you have to invest yourself so wholly and entirely to a guy (or another person) . . but I have to add . . . especially so quickly. These little girls hang on her every move and word and they are getting the wrong message. This is why I can't stand her and it gets me so worked up when people say she's a great role model. Like hell she is!!! She's the WORST role model!!!

    My final thought in this long diatribe is something I thought of the other day: she wrote that stupid ditty about how people are so "mean" because they say she can't sing (amongst other accusations). Well you know what . . that's not being "mean" it's called -- HAVING AN OPINION. She's teaching these kids that anyone who has an opinion about her is - mean. Yet, all I see on feedbacks all over the internet is that when someone honestly says they do not care for her, they get attacked by dozens and dozens of little crazy bitches calling them mean. Wait a second here . . . it's TAYLOR SWIFT THAT'S MEAN!!! Isn't she instructing all of her little minions to be exactly what she says she doesn't like to happen to her? Seriously. And these kids don't see it.

    Okay . . I gotta stop here because I can go on for days . . .

  6. Please excuse grammatical and typographical errors in the above two parts . . I have a fuzzy kid in my lap and this was more a stream of consciousness reply so I didn't proofread.


    1. ALRIGHT! Now we’ve got a discussion going! :D

      On the point of Jake’s “room”…I take full responsibility for not backing up what I said there. The reason I focused in so much on that word (and the picture Taylor painted in her lyrics) is because of this article in USA Today, which a friend sent to me a while back, and which I fully intended to blog about but then didn’t (ironically because I thought maybe I was putting up too many Jake entries :D). Maybe I was reading too much into it, but between the lines, it sounded like he was living with his sister and maybe his mom was too…and in any case, much of his life seems to be his sister’s family’s life. Not that that’s a bad thing…but – in going back to my age old question about him! – what’s Jake’s life?

      But that, I feel, is an entirely separate question for an entirely different day! Let’s talk Taylor!!

      Leslie, I completely agree that your assessment of the situation makes sense, and I agree with you and Malin and Sasha that relationships like this just HAPPEN. They do, and you get over them. They will hurt, they will toughen you up a little, but that’s part of growing up…and you move on. I think it’s really interesting that all of us admit that we’ve felt this way and yet all of us have instinctively known to keep the crazier aspects of our thoughts to ourselves! Maybe it goes back to your point about her not having any sense of “normalcy,” Leslie, because as important to growing up as those feelings are, it’s *more* important to learn how to deal with them and not blow things out of proportion. That’s where the actual “growing” part comes from…and maybe a certain amount of internalizing is necessary for that growth. (?)

      And I know I’m talking myself in circles, but I just keep going back to all of this sending such the wrong message about the level to which you should allow men to dictate your happiness (and yes, so quickly!). I *know* people like her…girls who are so wrapped up in the idea of a “perfect love” that they jump from shallow relationship to shallow relationship and then try to convince the rest of us that there was always more there than there was. Every time they meet anyone male, they start to think about marrying him. Maybe there are just enough people out there who truly relate to her that her professional life will continue to thrive. But in terms of her personal life… And that’s what I meant in my previous comment in terms of feeling sorry for her. She seems lost. And naïve.


    2. Although in that vein, Malin has an excellent point about this being Taylor’s shtick. People eat this shit up! Even as I sit her deconstructing her motivation, I can’t deny there are some catchy songs on this album. I also can’t deny that I sing along to the radio a lot of times when she comes on. But I guess my blind spot has ALWAYS been that I think people see the bigger picture when most of the time they don’t. I can sing along while also thinking, ‘wow, this is totally unrealistic,’ but I fail to think about the implications that come from millions of little girls listening and having their worldview shaped by this completely ridiculous fantasy version of reality. It’s distressing to think about.

      And as for Jake, the irony is that he probably learned more from this experience than Taylor did.

      I didn’t know she’d written a song about people being “mean”! That is a seriously hypocritical circle there. I see a pattern here of her feeling victimized. I went through a phase like that (called “most of my twenties”) but people kept calling me out on my shit instead of paying me millions of dollars and heralding me as a role model. No wonder she’s confused about life.

      One last thing: A friend of mine put up a hilarious Facebook status a few days ago that said, “I can’t wait until Taylor Swift writes a song called ‘Maybe I’m the Problem.’” :D

  7. I make it short: I agree with y'all

    (and I am a little much too tired to write a lot and mostly second what has been said already ;) ...and of course not to bore anyone)

    Annie Sasha

  8. and a little late - so there is proof how slow my brain is these days - I am sorry if I thwart your discussion O.O"

    1. You did not thwart our discussion at all!! :) And it's kind of a crazy-long and probably-too-in-depth discussion anyway.

      But I had fun with it. ;)

  9. Yeah, we've given this wench more than enough air time but . . she attacked the wrong guy. And as far as I'm concerned, for all the wrong reasons . . which were only hers, which makes her -extremely- selfish.

    I mentioned his niece Ramona . . and that got me thinking afterwards. If the little girl was a huge fan (which Maggie said she was) then I feel SO bad for her that this bitch has now written tons of songs about her beloved Uncle Jake. I hope they don't let her (Ramona) listen to this album.

    Maybe it was too much and maybe I went off on tangents but it just drives me nuts that so many people (mainly young girls) think she is the answer to their prayers and that they follow her every move and word. She feeds off this and is so calculated. I have to keep going back to the stories she would (and apparently still does) tell about how she had no real friends growing up and the girls didn't like her. Well, maybe they had a point now, huh? If she was anything even remotely like she is now then I'd say they had some good insight and were smart to steer clear of her.

    Yes, I would think that Jake has learned a HUGE lesson in this. It's so sad to think that this may - and probably will - damage his career somewhat. At least it will tarnish him a little from the blowback of this. Notice that the publicity train he was on has slowed down during this whole time her album has come out and the songs are being discussed. I'm sure he's deliberately keeping his head down.

    I hope he learns from this that he has to take his time to get to know a girl before he jumps into anything . . and that just because a girl is "famous" doesn't mean she's a good candidate for him. I was cringing when she and Reese got together months back and all that was reported was how they were probably dissing on Jake. Even Reese got in on it. My god, he's gotta see that he needs to watch his back.

    All in all, like my first comment was - I think this mindless twit is vile. She needs to be dropped on her ass (and I don't mean by a guy . . but by the general public) and get a taste of humility.

    [Yes, her last album had a song entitled "Mean." I would recommend a one-time listen just so you can roll your eyes at how hypocritical she is.]

  10. I wouldn't go so far in dissing her for singing about Jake. Actually she did that about all her relationships before, so Jake knew very well what he would get himself into if it doesn'T works out.

    Furthermore he is 30something and she is 20something. At our age (and I have only 2 more) we know - should know - that these 10 yrs make a huge difference. That only evens out at a decade later.

    There is a saying in germany and it goes something like: if you put yourself to sleep with a dog, don't dare complaining about the flees you get on the next day
    ... and this rings true with sooooooooooo many things.

    And to all that I think goes on with Jake relationships - at least there is some "shimmer" of that - maybe he stops looking for a girlfriend to help him with his career and starts dating grown up (real) women. (And no Jake, I am out of that. Never, like ever.)
    It sure is not easy to find someone who is not after him for his fame, but he has to grow up in this - finally after 15 yrs - and just go for it. There are ways to test the waters a little.... like staying out of the lime light with a new girlfriend for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. ;)

    Well, I am having a bad day today ... so maybe this rant is kinda colored by that basic emotion.

    Annie Sasha

    1. I just thought, after the "looooooooooooooooooong" a "Never, like ever" would have been very appropriate *ggg* x)

      Annie Sasha

  11. So, I saw somewhere this morning that (to the surprise of no one) the latest Taylor Swift relationship has fallen apart. And now the cycle starts anew!!

    Leslie, I definitely noticed the slowdown in Jake’s recent news-cycle momentum, too. I think it was actually in Newsweek this week where I read a short interview with Taylor and she said that an ex-boyfriend had once said to her, “You better not write about this!” and her response was to “write a whole album about him.” I immediately flashed on Jake, and on this conversation.

    Leslie and Sasha, I love that you both made the point about him possibly expanding his horizons in terms of women, because it’s a really good point. I’ve long joked that he likes his girlfriends “more famous than he is,” but it’s really true! And it has yet to work out for him! I often compare him to my guy friends who are his age and I’ve noticed that some of them do seem to wake up a little at this stage in their lives and start re-prioritizing what they’re looking for.

    It’s also crossed my mind that Jake grew up in a very female-dominated household (in that USA Today feature, it didn’t sound like Stephen has much of a place in Jake’s life at all right now), and because of that, and because we often view the world through what we know, he may get himself into these situations because he’s seeking powerful women (perhaps confusing “fame” with “power”). I think he’ll figure it out eventually…but it’s hard enough to go through these things. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have the whole world listening in on your personal life. :P

    (Side note: This was definitely a more in-depth conversation than I ever thought I’d have about the life and times of Taylor Swift, ha!)

  12. hahaha that was timing ... I just wrote my comment on the election and then there is Taylor Swift-ad promoting "never, like ever" x)

    ummm whom did she date? and when can we expect a new album then??? o.0

    so glad you pointed out that "fame" doesn't mean "power" or in my book not even "strength" or "intelligence" (some make it to fame with the will to make themselves look like the most stupid asses on this planets - not always sure if they are just really smart and at the same time lazy ... or really just that stupid as they appear - for reference see jersey shore ... I only have seen very few bits from the ads but it was enough to ensure I steer clear)

    Sooooooooo what's my point? ummm, sometimes fame get's the best of everyone.

    There are so many classy woman out there in the movie business - as much as anyone can know from reading/seeing some tidbits every now and again - and they are beautiful too ... if he really needs to date someone of his business he should seek out some help to enter a more "grown up"-ring.
    If he is ready that is.

    I sometimes lose sense while I am writing ... sorry ... but only if it does make sense to you I am still posting it.

    Annie Sasha

  13. ummm and can I please say how I hate that above mentioned T.S. song is kinda catchy and stays with me for some time after every time the ad is playing.

    not funny.

    Annie Sasha

  14. I wished I could edit comments lol ... so I am spamming you ... a cover of above mentioned song as a duet

    me like x)

  15. Wow, this will teach me for going away and not checking the blog. What an awesome conversation! I read it all, and walked away to *think*. So now its a few hours later and I still need to do more research as I have only heard one song off the album, so in saying that, these are my thoughts.

    I never ever (pardon the pun ;) ) thought that Taylor would write more than one song about Jake... To me it didnt seem serious enough to even warrant more than one. But maybe there was more to it than we all thought.

    Everytime someone mentions Jake and Taylor i STILL think of the perfectly placed coffee cup. We were all sure this was a publicity stunt? Wernt we? Those photos were so set up.. or were they? Maybe not, i dunno now. I remember feeling disapointed in Jake at the time if it was a stunt, because its kinda not really his thing (Hers- maybe?!)

    Im not sure who said it, but yeh, Taylor was way more into this than he was. I can only imagine him shaking his head wondering wtf happened and I feel kinda embarassed for her.

    *heads off to listen to the album*

  16. Um yeh- Trouble is about him, for sure... and I swear during All Too Well the first line my jaw dropped and stayed there until the end of the song. Could she get any more obvious?!

    Is it weird im still jealous she danced with him in the refridgerator light? lol

  17. dammit ... I can't watch the "all too well" video anymore - was the first sentence the one about the blue eyes???

    That was the one that said it all for me :D

    Annie Sasha

  18. Ladies, I would take her song lines with a tablespoon of salt. I highly doubt there is any validity in the "dancing in the refrigerator light" and such lines. Sure, maybe it did happen . . maybe it didn't. I'm leaning more towards the -didn't- and she's just embellishing and making romantic lines up to serve her (stupid and asinine) purpose.

    Yes, I'm sure Jake is just speechless wondering where in the HELL this girl got so much out of a few dates over such a short period of time. But she's also just spoken about how she knows so little of love and has no concept on how to have a relationship. Nooooooooo . . . really?!?!?!?!?! She needs to somehow be hit over the head with a good dose of humility and self-awareness. She has too many 'YES' people around her and mommy coddling her. I predict a huge identity crisis when she nears 30 - 35.

  19. Sasha, Connor Kennedy is Taylor’s more recent ex-boyfriend. He’s (I think) a grandchild of Robert F. Kennedy. He’s, like, 18. So even if she didn’t already have a history of short-term relationships, I think it would have been pretty difficult to make that one stick. (She’s 22, isn’t she??)

    And I like that duet version! That’s a creative take on it, and it totally works! “All Too Well” had the line about Taylor leaving her scarf at Maggie’s house. ;)

    Sam, HA!! I think this is now officially the longest set of comments of any entry on this blog! (And haha, OF COURSE it would be about Jake’s love life!!! That appears to *still* be something we all care about more than we might admit. :D)

    Yeah, until I started listening to more of this album, I was totally with you on thinking there was no way she could have wrung more than one song out of that relationship. But I still stand by the photos of them walking along the sidewalk in NYC being set up… I don’t care what their relationship was like at that point - those were some dumb pictures!

    Maybe part of the reason why this is so interesting is because Jake is SO private and we never get ANY details of his personal life, and this is the first time I think any of us have ever really heard anyone reference specifically how he might act in a relationship. But then, as Leslie has aptly pointed out, we don’t know how much is true and how much is being exaggerated for the sake of selling an album (or for the sake of Taylor’s ego). The whole thing is somehow annoyingly tantalizing…but mostly just annoying, because it’s being fed to us by the craziness of Taylor Swift. :-/

    (For the record, I join all of you in saying that if there really *was* refrigerator dancing, a part of me I didn’t even know existed anymore feels some jealousy over that. :))

  20. You know what makes me sad for Taylor is - and I might be completely wrong here - she probably doesn't know any better. I mean she became famous as a teenager, and she wrote about her life.
    The most teenagers haven't gone thru much in their lifes that'S worth the while to sing over, not to mention even listening. So she took what's close to most teenagers: first love and first of this and that etc etc.... and got even more famous.
    Problem is: If it wasn't for the famous boyfriends she had even that made have gone wrong or not skyrocketed as much as it did because of them.

    Sooo now she is at a point where everybody expects her to write another hit ablum and of course she wants to stick around to and not drown into oblivion.

    It's a circle hard to get out of.

    And I am with you Becky. I do think some of the fascination we have here comes out of the fact that we might get more as we usually get as information. It's a bit like that derailed train... you don't want to look, but you can't stop. PLUS most of us - as I seem to remember - thought it was a stunt anyhow...but Taylor now makes it seem as it was real. We will never know.

    Annie Sasha

  21. Not all songs are about Jake Gyllenhaal:
    I Knew You Were Trouble "and" Treacherous ": John Mayer
    "22": about friends
    "Holy Ground": Joe Jonas
    "The Lucky One"?
    "Everything Has Changed": Conor Kennedy
    "Starlight": Ethel Kennedy
    "Begin Again": After eight months since the end with Jake, she has her first date with a guy named Anderson. In this song she says that Jake did not like when she wore high heels. She makes a comparison between Jake and Anderson.

    Musics about Jake:

    "State of Grace", "Red", "All Too Well", "I Almost Do", "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "Stay Stay Stay", "The Last Time", "Sad Beautiful Tragic" adn "The Moment I Knew".

    Nine songs!!!!

    Leslie, Reese's daughter, Ava, is a fan of Swift.

  22. Sorry I am late! I just stumbled upon this post as I was reminicing over at Jake Watch. I am not sure if it was addressed, because I haven't read all of the comments yet, but I also thought that the entire album Red (if not most of it) was about Jake. And I'd also like to put my two sense in on the issue about Taylor being in Jakes room: I am assuming that she is referring to a childhood bedroom at his parents house, and maybe he took her up to his room when she was at the house visiting with him. Of course I could be wrong. BTW Becky, I am really sad that I didn't know about Jake Watch back when it was in motion. I am a HUGE Jake Gyllenhaal fan, just not an active internet user back then I guess. I recently traveled by bus (14 hours to and from!) to NYC to see him perform in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet and he was amazing! I also have your book I'm Stalking Jake on my ibooks ap. I will be adding this site to my favorites! Are there any blogs about Jake that you are currently doing? I think Jake Watch was phenomenal. I especially enjoyed the issues on Sock Watch and Blatant Stalking. :)

    1. Stephanie, wow! Thanks for this fantastic comment!

      To start from the top... You very well could be right about the "room" mention. I love how so many of us pondered over that line and all had a different interpretation of what it might mean! We'll probably never know, but after all the discussion of it, it would probably be at the top of my list of questions should I ever meet Taylor Swift...

      Secondly, I'm sad you didn't know about Jake Watch, either!! In all honesty, I do still miss it sometimes. There was such a fun sense of camaraderie there, and it was a true community in a way that I haven't been a part of since, which makes me sad. :-/ It also makes me sad that enthusiasm for Jake isn't what it used to be. Real fans are hard to come by these days.

      I'm very jealous you got to see his play!! I was in NYC not long before it opened, but missed it, of course...yet another instance of unfortunate timing on my part...

      Thank you so much for buying the book and if you haven't already read it, I hope you enjoy it!!! It does about as well as anything to recreate the era of Jake Watch. :) Except for infrequent posts about him on this blog, I am not currently blogging about Jake, no. I don't know if you've read any of the I'm Stalking Jake blog, which I wrote to promote the book (; it's a little different than Jake Watch, but all in the same fun. :)

      Even if they're dated, I'm glad you're reading through the trail of Jake posts I've left around the internet. :) ENJOY!!

  23. Becky, yes I am enjoying your book, I'm Stalking Jake and I plan to purchase an actual hard copy one of these days as sort of a coffee table book/conversation piece to have at home. I don't think anyone would be phased at the fact that I would own something with such a title. I have been Team Gyllenhaal since (and don't judge me too much) Bubble Boy came out in theatres. And yes, I did pay to see it more than once. HA! I think I was 15 or 16 at the time that I had my first Gyllenhaal experience and fell in LOVE! I even named my dog after him. :)
    Alhough I do own a desk top and lap top computer, regretably I didn't have much of an online presense during the Jake Watch era and I am so darn disappointed I missed out on all the fun with my fellow Gyllenhaalics. LOL!
    Currently I am following you not just for any and all Jake-related posts, but because you are a fantasticly HILARIOUS writer and if I had been one, I'd like to think I would've written in the style that you do.
    (FYI that was intended to be a compliment.) lol!

  24. Fantasticly? LOL! I need to learn how to proofread. XD

    1. HA! I love that it was Bubble Boy for you!! I can't remember the exact statistics from the infamous Jake Watch Fan Survey of 2006, but I'm pretty sure that puts you in a(n awesome) minority. :D

      And thank you so much for not only reading the book, but maybe even buying a hard copy too!! That's fantastic...and I'm glad you're liking some of the non-Jake stuff as well! At the risk of sounding really corny, I just get super-excited any time something I've written entertains someone, so I sincerely appreciate the comments you've left me the past couple of days. :)

      (Oh, and I totally had to edit the comment before this one TWICE because of typos. Maybe this conversation is just doomed...but I have the unfair advantage of being able to go back and edit. ;D)