Wednesday, October 16, 2013

April 23, 2004

My continuing dialogue with Kara while we were still students at Rhodes College.  She was in the computer lab while I was in my dorm room, pre-Pike Beach Party (this was via e-mail, because this was in the days before texting; my words are in regular font, Kara's in italics):

7:26 p.m.
OK, Crystal is in but we're pushing our departure time back by an hour (10:30).  I'm hoping you get this, but if I haven't heard from you by 8:30 or so, I'll come find you.  Happy writing! :)

Why later? It works fine by me...just curious!

Because [a friend of ours] was all like, "NOOOO!  You can't go that early because NO ONE will be there!!!"  She wanted to go at 11:00 but conceded that we probably wouldn't die of social dysfunction if we went at 10:30.  Still no word on if the fourth roomie will be accompanying.  Should be an interesting night...

She is going....maybe I won't?!?! No, I suppose that I will make an appearance, although I will need to shower...I can smell myself. gross.

The Girl
[i.e., the girlfriend of Kara's crush] is here glaring at me...oh, how I love the computer lab.

Dude, I doubt that anyone would notice you were sweaty.  Everyone'll be trashed.  And that stupid girl is freaking always in the computer lab!  It's like her second home.  Loser.

I know...she is always here. Oh well, such is my life. 

What is Crystal wearing to this social function?

Jean skirts all around!  Becky, Crystal, Kara
Jean skirts all around!  Crystal is wearing a jean skirt with what she is calling a "Hawaiian shirt."  Kathryn "really wants to come" but she has to do laundry.  I told her that wasn't a good enough excuse.  That's just the lamest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

I bet that you have the shortest skirt! Fun times!

Man, I love this Russian site! I can listen to all the Russian music I want! What more can I ask for? And I have written another page and a half! Dude, I am on top of the world...

Ok, back to writing...gee, this is almost like IM!

It's cracking me up that we're having this dialogue. :)  Way to go with the writing, too.  If I'm distracting you, I won't e-mail you anymore.  Oh, but one more thing.  Do you want us to come get you from your room or are you coming here?  I couldn't remember what you said before.  Cheers!  (Because I'm reading that novel [?] and feeling British.)  

The only other person that I know of who says "Cheers!" is Seth Gilpin
[a fellow student]! You crack me up! How is the novel going?

Can you guys come by and get me since it is on the way to the par-tay?

Dude, this is not a distraction at all...I have another page written!

The next day...

Mistress of Rhodes....   my arms have never hurt so badly! What the hell was I doing last night that would make them hurt like this?!?! I must be a crazy dancing fool! :) 


I don't know why I saved this exchange, but on days like today, I'm wholeheartedly glad that I did.  I went to that party hoping to impress a crush...who didn't show.  Kara went with no expectations...and wound up on the receiving end of a show-stopping kiss from her crush (computer lab girlfriend be damned).

So simple, unimportant, and utterly mundane, but that's what most of life winds up being.  This was us, and this was our friendship. 

Three years ago today - Kara, I miss you, dear friend.  


  1. hahaha I remember convos like that - especially via SMS x) and most of the times we didn't wear what we said we would *ggg*

    sending a round of hugs :)

    Annie Sasha

    1. I'm really confused as to why I kept this...but I'm so glad I did!! I'm used to going back and finding elaborate write-ups of things that I'd forgotten had happened, but it was a really pleasant and happy surprise yesterday to see this, just a normal, every day conversation about mundane things. :)

      Thank you, Annie. :) Hugs back!

  2. OF COURSE, I stayed home and did laundry... Lame!!! :/

    So glad you have these emails to document our Rhodes experience. Wish I had been a part of this particular story! <3

    1. Kathryn, I seriously can't believe I still have this. And I can so envision you and me having the laundry discussion!! I considered that party An Important Social Event and would have, of course, been horrified that anyone would skip it. (What I mainly remember is Satan #1 not showing up and it was HIS FREAKING FRATERNITY, and Satan #2 wearing the Speedo and kissing Kara. Good. God.)

      Miss you, friend. :) Thanks for the memories yesterday! How lucky are we that all of us involved in this story (save our fourth roommate) are all still such great friends?! :) Hugs!!