Sunday, March 30, 2014

BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg Spends Exciting Saturday Night on Facebook

Screencapped this morning:

Publicly swearing allegiance to a bunch of Republicans has capped off an exciting week for Zuck, in which he also acquired a virtual reality company and (unrelated) promised to start beaming the internet from the sky.

Currently, I'm reading The Boy Kings, Katherine Losse's account of being a Facebook employee, starting near the beginning of the company's reign.  The jury's out on the book itself (I'm only halfway through) but there are some sharp observations scattered throughout:  "[I]n a little society we were constructing out of bits of code, it seemed that privacy - true intimacy - had become too scary," says page 72.

Interesting coincidence to read those words the same week Zuck buys a virtual reality company and makes a few political endorsements by impersonally clicking a "Like" button and letting an automated newsfeed broadcast it...

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