Friday, September 11, 2015

A quality Friday evening crying with Joe Biden

Last weekend, for the Labor Day holiday, my mom and I drove to Illinois to see my almost-93-year-old grandma. My mom's three brothers live nearby, and it was the kind of family-oriented visit that I haven't experienced in a while. We were busy while we were there but it wasn't the busy of every day life. It was more basic than that. It felt peaceful.

The week that I came home to was anything but. I am many Beckys on a weekly basis, but for every Becky it was a lot. This week was a lot. I was driving into work this morning and Drake was talking about Stephen Colbert's interview with Joe Biden that aired last night, and I knew I would need to wait until I got home to watch it because I would probably cry. And I did.

There are people in my life who are in pain right now deeper than anything I've experienced, and there are people in my life who are ecstatically joyful in a way I sometimes fear I'll never experience. Not long ago, my mother said to me, "The hardest thing about life is the way that people disappoint you." It was so true, and it hit me so squarely in the chest.

Joe Biden's parents, as I learned from the interview, said many wise things themselves, including something I've been pondering for the last couple hours: "Never complain and never explain."

Complaining I've been working on for a while, and I'm better than I was. But explaining...miles to go yet on that one.

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