Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Word to the Pick-Up Artists

In a world in which people find ways to exploit even the most innocuous of things, there is “referrer spam.” Referrer spam happens when there are a bunch of false visits from one site to another; it looks as if you’re getting traffic from a certain link, but in reality, that link is trying to get traffic from you. A classic example of this is the pick-up artist website that keeps popping up in the referral list for this blog.

The appearance of this site reminded me that I started to read The Game last year, but then quickly put it down because it was pretty much the dumbest thing I’d ever read.  Not “dumb” in the sense that the things in there wouldn’t work (I’m sure they would on a lot of women), but “dumb” in the sense that there was something painfully pathetic about men lumping all human females together, treating us like machines that can be tricked into sleeping with absolutely anyone as long as that person knows which buttons to push. There was something equally pathetic about notches on the bedpost being viewed as the ultimate goal in life.  “I was sleeping with 15 different smoking hot women a month!” screamed the website that’s been spamming me.

Um, good for you?

I’ve had a few of the techniques that these artists (“artists”!) espouse used on me before and the reason they don't work – not on me and not on a fairly wide range of friends of mine – is because they're just that:  techniques.  It’s not real.  It’s (as the book so clearly states) a game. And the only way you get anywhere in a game is if both people want to play.

THAT is the real secret, of course, though it’s not something you’re ever going to read about or hear from any of the men who make their living selling seduction techniques to hapless boys.  It’s not that all women can be manipulated if you just know the right words to say, or will jump all over you if you perfect the art of making them jealous.

It’s that anyone who falls for a certain set of behaviors already knows what you’re doing and is merely accepting your invitation to play along.

Yes, congratulations to the man who is sleeping with 15 women a month.  You have figured out that there is a game…and look at how submissively and obsessively you have succumbed to the rules we have set for you to play it…

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