Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, it's happened. I've become a slacker.

Since the inception of this blog, I have, without meaning or trying to, and often in spite of self-imposed limits I could never quite stick to, written at least four entries here a month.

But in the month of March 2014, the first full month that I worked full time in several years, I only wrote three entries.  I also only ran six miles last week.  And I only finished reading one book in the last two weeks.  And I only sat down to write Breakaway book stuff (OH, IT'S HAPPENING, PEOPLE) five days in the last three weeks.  And there was a ten-day period recently when I didn't go to the Slider Inn at all.

Who IS this person that I have become?!!!

Actually, I know who I've become.  Job-induced, I've become the 60% version of me, something I failed to do on my own (to no one's surprise - I only know how to work two ways:  hard and harder), and something that's allowing me to write faster and clearer when I write, run stronger and happier when I run, and only be hungover about half as often as I used to be.

The last time the entries here got shorter it was over last summer, and it was primarily because I was so down that I didn't have the energy to pretend I wasn't.  But I'm aiming to make them a little shorter in the immediate future for a much better reason:  because I can, and it's okay if I do.  (And also, honestly, you might be more inclined to read them.  I do tend to ramble on.)  So for my sake (and yours), fewer words, more meaning.

Sixty-fucking-percent, baby. 

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Dalai Lama cracking up HERE.


  1. on some levels I found my inner max 10% lol ... on others I am more the 80% - guess all in all I am somewhere at the 30% level

    gotta step up my game I guess

    Annie :)

    1. Hey, 30% sounds pretty good to me! Even at 60%, I am *wiped out* now that it's Friday night and the work week is over!! I think if I was trying to do everything at 100%, I would probably keel over dead at this point. :D

    2. But 30% doesn't get you very far all in all ... but I try to convince myself that I am lapping everyone who is on 29% and lower ;)

      Be proud of yourself for being that good - even when you are tired. You'll see you get used to it and soon 70% will be the "wiped ou"-zone and so forth ;)


    3. I like that way of thinking about things! Both for you and for me... Here's to moving forward! :D