Friday, February 27, 2015

A glitch in the matrix: I see white and gold.

Last night was the inaugural Breakaway Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl Run, held several days late because of "winter" (this is not a season we acknowledge in the South, and we become bewildered and disoriented when "frozen precipitation" [what is that?] postpones our pub crawls).

The continuing sub-freezing temperatures, combined with the nine-day delay, meant the tamest pub crawl in Breakaway history.  The night's only controversy came when someone started passing around a cell phone and talking nonsense about a black and blue dress that anyone with eyes could see was obviously white and gold.

Cinco de Mayo 2013.  Now that was a Breakaway pub crawl. After we moved on from the dress, that was what we talked about: the night that everyone remembers as the night that no one remembers.

But last night - for once - we erred on the side of orderliness.

I didn't drink enough for a hangover, but because I was out later than usual for a school night, I didn't sleep as well as I usually do.  I know this because I remember parts of a dream I was having and I only remember dreams when I sleep lightly.

In my dream, I was back at school and talking to a boy in my dorm room (who the boy was changed as we talked) and just when I was wondering if this was going anywhere, a woman walked through the door.  I'd never seen her before, but in my dream, I knew that she was the mother of some nameless friend of mine. She hugged me and said she was so happy for me.

"You've had such a wonderful year so far!" she said.  

And in my dream, I started to protest, because for a lot of reasons, I've been feeling a little down and rejected lately.  

But I couldn't get the words out to explain that to her.  "But..." I started.  And then I stopped.  Because by any objective standard (i.e., standards outside my own view of myself and my life), I have nothing to complain about.  I am so lucky.  My life is so good. I knew this in my dream.

This morning I found out the dress is really is black and blue.*

And today's post was brought to you by perception

* Of course the color of the dress doesn't matter; the issue is the color in the photograph. Someone on Reddit gave the best explanation I've read so far about why it looks different to different people.

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